BURN CALORIES 5 TIMES FASTER with VACUUM TRAINING + Burn fat where you want to burn fat

Vacu-FitVacuum Training is a targeted method of body shaping.
So if you have stubborn fat deposits and the dreaded cellulite
Vacuum Training is your answer

How Vacuum Training works

Because fat deposits have a poor blood supply it is difficult for the body to access this fat as a form of energy.

However during a VacuumTraining workout the negative pressure generated with in the capsule encourages blood to move into the small capillaries within the fat cells – and whilst the blood is in this area it picks up the stored fat and uses it as an energy source, resulting in fat loss in those stubborn to lose areas.

Gentle Exercise

Research indicates that calories are burned up to 5 times faster during 30-minute training intervals enclosed inside of the Vacu Fit treadmill capsule, with an average speed of 2 ½ miles per hour (this is gentle walking pace) and a 10% incline, in comparison to a conventional 1-hour training session.


Calories /Hour

Walking 140
Housework 150
Swimming 300
Dancing 350
Fast Walking 370
Tennis 420
Cycling 500
Squash 690
Vacuum Training 1300


Vacuum Training

Vacuum Training also improves the unattractive appearance of cellulite and strengthens the dermal and connective tissue resulting in a firm and toned body


  • The fat cells will be accessed  and excess fat will be burnt.
  • Because fat is being used in this area you will lose inches
  • The appearance of cellulite will be improved.
  • The area will be slimmer and smoother 
  • The general well-being will be improved and fitness increased