Professional Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

It is estimated that 23 per cent of people regret having a tattoo – if you are one of them then read on...


They were once a permanent statement of rebellion, but today, tattoos – or body art, as they are known – are a common sight. A third of Britons under 44 have one, including the wife of the Prime Minister.
They are also not quite so indelible – welcome news for the 23 per cent of those who say they now regret their inkings. Tattoo removal used to involve painful dermabrasion, acidic skin peels or literally cutting the image out and then patching the area with skin grafts.
All these methods could leave horrendous scars. But such drastic action is no longer necessary. Laser technology was first used for tattoo removal 20 years ago and has come a long way since then. Tattoos are created by injecting ink about a millimetre into the dermis – the middle layer of your skin.
As it doesn’t shed like the skin’s surface layers, the ink won’t wear away. The ink particles are too big to be broken down by the immune system so they remain there. The lasers work by splitting the ink into smaller fragments, allowing them to be broken down by the body and naturally excreted.

About your treatment

Tattoo Removal

The number of treatments that you will require will be dependent upon a number of different things –

  1. How long you have had the tattoo
  2. What ink was used
  3. Your bodies reaction to the treatment
  4. Certain colours take longer to remove than others and it is particularly difficult to remove the Laser that we use is very effective on red and black tattoos although it will improve the appearance of other colors.
  5. You may need between 3 and 10 treatments

During the treatment which will take between 10 minutes and 30 minutes ( depending on the size of the tattoo ) you will feel some discomfort – and most people say that this feels like a rubber band being snapped onto your skin this is tolerated well by most people. However for small extra charge we can provide you with anesthetic cream.

Tattoo Removal

Laser aftercare products

The professional IPL treatment starts with a full consultation and patch test – the cost of this is just £25.00 and is discounted against any course of treatment that you book. The treatment is individually prescribed based on skin type, thickness of the hair and the area to be treated. As the success of the treatment depends on treating the hair during its growing phase a course of treatment is required.



Our Laser equipment

After much research we believe that we have chosen a laser that provides a very safe and effective treatment. Our fully trained staff will discuss your treatment with you and importantly advise you about your aftercare. We are able to treat even stubborn tattoos with minimal risk of scarring or pigment changes. It is a quick and effective treatment which causes progressive fading with each treatment. It is suitable for all skin types and all areas of the body.

Professional Tattoo Removal Prices - "We strive to provide the most competitive prices in Sussex".

Tattoos up to 5cm x 5cm - £45 per treatment

Tattoos up to 10cm x 10cm - £55 per treatment

Larger Tattoos - upon request

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