Introducing the SlimLine Studio - Only 50 spaces available each month


  • 4 Week Program – NO CONTRACT

  • £15 per week bookable monthly

  • Targeted abdominal fat loss

  • Weekly one to one meetings

  • Cleveland Clinic Qualified Instructors

  • Super Skinny Program available – 8 Sessions of Strawberry Laser Lipo

The SlimLine Studio specifically focuses on losing fat from your abdominal area.
At the SlimLine Studio we have unrivalled experience in Weight Management,
we understand that losing weight is as much in the mind as it is in the mouth !

Understanding that it takes immense effort and will power to stick to a long term weight loss program at the SlimLine Studio our goal is to help you drop up to 2 sizes in a four week period, this is why we don’t tie you into long term contracts. The program allows you to kick start your inch loss journey.

FIR – Far Infrared Rays

When you exercise normally your stomach remains cold, which means there is less blood flow in the area. This is why it is so difficult to lose weight in this area . By exercising with infrared deep heat the blood flow will increase because the body is trying to regulate its temperature and as a result an increased amount of blood flow takes place in the stomach region, because of this, fat burning will increase enormously.

Training with Far Infrared Belts gives you the opportunity to lose the fat from your stomach quickly and effectively.

FIR – Far Infrared Rays has been extensively tested with staggering results.


The method is simple: you visit us three times a week for four consecutive weeks and do 30 to 40 minutes training on the cross trainer, bike or Stepper machine. The intensity is adjusted to your level of fitness.

You will be measured before the first session and weekly during the 4 week program.
Because the belt penetrates deeply into the body, it will also help with getting rid of fat around your organs.

  •   Burns 100% more fat in the problem zone
  •   Lose 1-2 sizes in less than 4 weeks
  •   Say goodbye to your fat belly for the fraction of the price of tummy tuck!
  •   Safe non invasive way of losing inches from your waist.
  •   Based on the latest technology!
  •   No recovery time. Gentle exercise.